UpCycle Remodeling


UpCycle Remodeling

Using traditional methods, the typical 2flat gut-rehab in Chicago will generate 9,000-14,000 cubic feet of debris (that’s seven to ten of those big steel dumpsters we see parked on the street). That’s far to much waste for a city looking to become greener. There has to be a better way!

Speaking of green, utilizing UpCyling, Harvey Property Group reduces overall costs to its customers. We have reduced debris from 30% to 80% on projects all across the city which directly translates into reductions of 20% to 50% project cost vs the competition. We pride ourselves on innovative thinking and truly unique solutions that make your investment property perform a social good and improve your bottom line.

Click here for the City of Chicago pamphlet on green remodeling.

Check out these UpCyled projects we have completed recently:

What is UpCycle Remodeling?

UpCycling is the reuse and repurpose of typically wasted materials. Harvey Property Group utilizes UpCycling to create unique and stunning structural and finished looks. Please view some of the photos on this page for inspiration on your project!

Where do you get UpCycled material?

The primary source of UpCycled material is often from the very project being remodeled. Hidden gems are often revealed when the walls come down. Another source of UpCycling material is most often found at Rebuilding Exchange in Chicago

Is UpCycle Remodeling Expensive?

No, often times UpCycling actually saves the customer money. Harvey Property Group uses materials saved from demolition and puts them to either their original use or a higher purpose. A good example this would be splitting old growth 2x4s and using them for your project’s baseboard trim!